• Cat Health Problems Associated With White Cats
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    Cat Health Problems Associated With White Cats

    White cats are a favorite with many pet owners as a lot of us would like to have a pristine pet in our household. However, very few of us know much about white cats such as the reason behind its color, other interesting facts as well as potential cat health problems. This article lists some information that will help you to get to know your pet better. At the same time, you will be able to take better care of a white cat.

    Cat Health Problems Associated With White Cats
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    Facts about White Cats

    There are basically three factors in cats that cause them to turn out white. These are:

    • Dominant White: This is caused by a gene which masks the other colors and the result is a white coat and a cat that generally has blue eyes.
    • Complete White Spotting: When the white spotting factor in a cat is dominant, it can result in a completely white coat in a cat.
    • Albino White: Albino cats are different from the former two. In albino cats, there is no pigmentation at all. This results in the white color and pale bluish eyes.

    Eye color is another aspect to look out for. Generally, it has been observed that a white cat with blue eyes is deaf. Again if the kitty has odd eyes, such as having one blue eye and another of green or other colors, then it is generally deaf in the ear close to the blue eye. In general, these type of genetic deformities are observed more in dominant white cats.

    A white cat is very much prone to skin cancer and sun-burn. The cat health problems that occur due to repeated sun exposure are called squamous cell carcinoma. Usually, the parts of the body which has thin hair are prone to this form of cancer. That is why the ears, nose and eyelids get affected with squamous cell carcinoma if the cats are allowed to roam frequently in the sun.

    There are some famous white cat breeds available, which include the White Persian cat, White Siamese Cat, Tuxedo cats and White Bengal cats. Among these, the White Persian cats are hugely popular and you can find them featured in popular culture such as Snowbell in the movie Stuart Little. However, before you bring home a white cat, it would be a good idea to learn more about it and the possible cat health problems …

  • Do You Know What Makes Your Dog Tick?
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    Do You Know What Makes Your Dog Tick?

    It is very important to understand that your dog is not like us. In fact they are very different creatures that little bundle of fur you just adopted derives its heritage from the wolf.

    It is and always will be a canine and so it will always have the natural instincts of a wolf. It doesn’t matter what kind of dog you have, no matter how big or small it is. They all have thousands of years of instinct in them and no amount of training will ever completely remove these instincts.

    Although you may think that there is not much for your new pet to learn. When you bring them into your house it is very different surroundings to what your dog is used to.

    You for instance. That’s right your puppy will need to adjust to the idea that it has to live amongst these strange creatures that walk around on two legs instead of four.

    Remember that this animal is not used to living in a house and so will not understand a lot about living in one. It will need to be taught everything it needs to know by you.

    As responsible pet owners we must understand the difference between or dogs and us, If we understand them the transition into your life will be much smoother and you will get a great mate in the process.

    Fitting into the pack

    Like I said, your dog has natural instincts that can never be removed, and that is why you will need to think of your family as a pack from now on.

    This pack structure is your dogs way of life and it will always be there. The first thing to know is that you are always pack leader. Your dog should never feel like he is pack leader. This means what you say goes.

    It might be easier for you to imagine the pack as a ladder, with you on the top and your family and pets on the lower rungs. There are no equal ranks in the structure. The pack is organised be dominance, so the strongest person is the leader (that’s you) and then each other member of your family is placed in order of dominance.

    This is extremely important if you own more than one dog. Let’s say that you have a dog Ben, and then a couple of years …

  • Dog Medicine Used to Treat Heart Worms in Puppies
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    Dog Medicine Used to Treat Heart Worms in Puppies

    T.S. Eliot once called April “the cruelest month,” though he probably wasn’t thinking about heartworms at the time. You see, April is the month that most veterinarians start checking dogs for heartworm organisms they may have been exposed to during the previous mosquito season. The worms can only be detected after they reach sexual maturity, which takes about six months. Before this time, the host will not exhibit any symptoms. According to most experts, heartworms are easy to prevent, but hard to cure.

    Because the disease is spread by infected mosquitoes, cases of heartworms are more common in temperate and tropical areas. That said, cases have been reported in all 50 states, even in Alaska! Dogs of any age can contract the diseases, even puppies. In fact, they are far more likely to succumb to it, since they have immature immune systems. That is why most veterinarians recommend starting puppies on heartworm preventives as early as four weeks of age. These medications have been proven up to 99 percent effective at preventing the disease.

    How do they work?

    For less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you can protect your furry friend from this deadly disease. Pills, tablets, and topical solutions can be purchased with a prescription, either online or at your vet’s office. The most popular preventative treatment is a beef-flavored chewable tablet that must only administered once a month. Trust us, it’s worth the money!

    Prescription Products

    * There are a number of effective medications on the market today, including:

    * Interceptor: Available in flavored, chewable tablets, it guards against heartworms, roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms.

    * Sentinel: Combines a heartworm preventative with a flea-control agent.

    * Heartgard Plus: Sold in chewable cubes, it protects against heartworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

    * Proheart: Prescribed in tablet form, it guards against heartworms alone.

    * Revolution: This topical solution is the latest in heartworm preventative care. It also protects against fleas, ticks, and ear mites.


    Heartworm disease isn’t always easy to detect, even for a trained professional. The symptoms come on slowly, as the worms grow; and they are often mistaken for other, more common conditions. Your puppy may have a nagging cough or be a bit lethargic. But it is only during the final stages that symptoms are impossible to miss. For example, your furry friend may pass out because the worms are obstructing the blood …

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    The New My Pillow Pets Purple Bunny

    Are you someone who loves stuffed animals, but is tired of the same thing over and over again? Many people have become tired of the same old stuffed bears, stuffed bunnies, and over classic toys for children.

    That is why people have started to purchase new and unique stuffed animals, with one particular brand called My Pillow Pets becoming extremely popular. One of the many pets available is a bunny that is called My Pillow Pets Purple Bunny, or My Pillow Pets Fluffy Bunny.

    Purple is the perfect color for this stuffed animal. Purple is the childhood favorite of many young girls and boys alike, plus when you add it with the fact it is a bunny, young girls are going to just love it.

    If you are sure you want a stuffed bunny for a young boy but are unsure about the color purple, you will always have the option of purchasing the My Pillow Pets Cream Bunny. That particular bunny has a white color that is perfect for young boys as well.

    As for the rest of the design of this item, you are going to get a nice looking bunny that is made out of a plush material that makes it very soft and very durable. It has a white face that is smiling, with a pink nose, and those long ears always associated with rabbits.

    The entire body is purple besides the face and underneath the ears, which is made of a neat multicolored fabric. This bunny is exactly the look that many kids, and many parents, want to have in an updated version of a stuffed animal.

    Kids are going to get a great stuffed animal and pillow that they can keep in their room and use, take to other people’s homes to play with, and even take on long car rides when a pillow can come in handy. Parents are getting a very durable and classic toy that has a modern twist on it.

    They are also getting something that is going to last a long time but is also machine washable, making it very easy to clean, knowing that kids are going to get them dirty. That is what makes these items so popular, and it is very easy to see why these are becoming some of the most popular gifts available for children ages three and up. So if you …

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    Traveling With a Pet

    The Choice to Travel with a Pet

    Traveling with a furry friend by plane may sound stressful for you and your pet, or even impossible. Not to worry, though, as many flights do allow pets and provide accommodations for them. The first step to take is to weigh the pros and cons of taking your pet with you. If it is a permanent move for which you are taking a flight, the choice most likely comes down to whether or not you will ever see your pet again. If it is going to be a long vacation or business trip away from your pet but a long-term pet sitter or caretaker can be arranged, flying with your pet may not be the best choice for you. If you do decide to take your pet along, research the airline or airlines you are considering. Complaints from other people about taking their pets with them are red flags. Knowing that an airline will treat your pet with the utmost kindness and care will put you at ease about taking Fido along for the flight.

    Discuss the Decision with a Medical Professional

    Talk to your veterinarian first. This is important because your dog or cat may have a condition that would prevent them from flying. Seeking expert advice may prevent any major problems with a pet’s flight. The pet should be evaluated thoroughly to make sure flying is a safe choice. Some pets may have an illness or other issue that may flair up during an airplane ride. Or, the confined setting and lack of attention while on a plane may exacerbate a pet’s pre-existing condition. Checking with your pet’s doctor about these potential issues and risks before taking them on an airplane is a very good idea.

    What to Expect for Your Pet

    The overall experience of a pet on an airplane is not usually a good one, but discomfort can be minimized if you take the steps described above into consideration before boarding. Often, pets that weigh more than twenty pounds have to be transported as cargo on an airplane. The cargo area is held at a proper temperature and it is pressurized for the animals in crates. There are risks to a pet’s health and even the possibility of death, but usually a pet will be a bit uncomfortable but okay during brief travel. Try to make the …