• Why Is Dog Socialization Important and How Can Dog Clothes Enhance Socialization Time?

    Why Is Dog Socialization Important and How Can Dog Clothes Enhance Socialization Time?

    Dogs are naturally very social animals, much more so than any other animal. They especially enjoy all of the time they spend with their owners and many dogs love to socialize with different people and other dogs they meet during outings with their owners. Moon-Fanelli, Ph.D., a certified applied animal behaviorist at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University recommends spending some one-on-one time with your dog “in mutually enjoyable physical activities.” Social activities can be pursued both at home and away from home. The goal is to expose your pet to as many different people, pets and environments as possible. By being exposed to a variety of situations, they learn how to cope with people and dogs with different personalities, both friendly and unfriendly. Dogs have an innate ability to perceive the emotions, needs and hostilities of other animals and humans and this ability is enhanced as they spend more and more time with new people and animals.

    New pet owners usually spend a lot of time with their little puppies. They play with them; take them to obedience training classes, for walks, trips to the park and on visits with family and friends, which increases their ability to adapt to changes in their daily lives. This adaptability improves their behavior during social encounters.

    Unfortunately, many pet owners tend to spend less time with their pets doing social activities as the dogs get older and the newness of the pet wears off. Social occasions need to be continued throughout a dog’s life in order for their social skills to remain with them into adulthood. Dogs who do not continue to be socialized often lose the social skills they learned as puppies. It is not unusual for dogs to become withdrawn, easily frightened and aggressive as they grow older when they are left alone for long periods of time and have very little contact with people other than their owners.

    There are several ways to spend extra time with your special four-legged friend as you go about your normal daily routine, besides taking them with you during outings. You can practice their obedience commands while cooking dinner or making snacks for the kids. Try brushing them or just cuddling with them as you watch TV. Another way to enhance the time you spend with your dog is when bathing and grooming them. You can also dress them in …

  • Does Your Dog Experience Separation Anxiety?

    Does Your Dog Experience Separation Anxiety?

    You’ve just arrived home from work and before you even open the door, you can hear your dog whining for you on the other side. You open the door and, after being knocked down by your dog’s enthusiastic greeting, walk into the living room to see what was destroyed today…

    Sound familiar? If so, chances are your dog is experiencing the all-too-common separation anxiety. The bad news – we as owners may unknowingly be contributing to this problem. However, once we understand how our behaviors affect our pets, we can instead significantly reduce their anxiety.

    What causes Separation Anxiety?

    One contributing factor to separation anxiety is our long, drawn-out good-byes. If you’re like most people, you feel so bad leaving your pet that you give them a lot of attention and kisses before walking out the door. As a result, your dog actually gets excited and left with a lot of energy that he some how has to release. Unfortunately, most dogs will resort to chewing, digging, or their own preferred method of destruction.

    Then, when we finally arrive home and see the mess he made, we make the situation worse. While we may be angry with the dog, in most cases, we also feel guilty for having left him alone. We try to “apologize” to our dog with lots of attention and treats. We may feel better, but this tells your dog that tantrums are acceptable. And of course, our guilt returns the next day when we have to leave, and we’re back to where we started.

    This cycle only gets worse for the dog over time. Older dogs may not be as destructive so in many cases, their energy comes in the form of stress. We all know the effects stress can have on our health – and it’s no different for dogs. OK, now we really feel bad leaving them… cue: repeat of cycle.

    How do we prevent Separation Anxiety?

    To prevent this anxiety, the most important thing to do is not make a big deal about leaving. Instead, make sure you leave quietly with your dog feeling secure and comfortable. Consider giving your dog some attention and exercise before you leave and allowing him time to calm down while you are home. Then, when you finally get around to leaving, he will be relaxed and tired and more likely to just sleep while you …

  • Dog Toys

    A Few Guidelines to Remember When Bringing Pets For Your Kids

    All kids love pets and they want to make them a part of their family. But when thinking about bringing pets it is very necessary to keep certain things in mind. The parents are worried about the safety and also how to handle them. So in this article we will know some of the most important things to do while getting a pet for your kids.

    Things To Keep In Mind

    Here are a few things which must be paid attention to. These are explained below.

    1. The Type Of Pets For Kids

    The foremost thing to understand is the size of the pet. Start from buying till caring, you need to know about all the expenses. It is not at all easy to handle a small pet. Also if you have a small house you cannot afford to bring a big pet. Therefore one has to ponder over such matters. If suppose you go out on vacations then who will take the responsibility and care for the pet. So if you are bringing a pet you have to think of all the related issues.

    2. The Space Required

    It is a very important point because it all depends upon the size of the pet that you wish to get for your kids. If you don’t have enough space then you cannot bring a big pet. As the pets require space to accommodate them so you must get pets which can easily be adjusted in your family.

    3. Time For Your Pet

    Sometimes it is seen that some families do not have enough time to spend with their pets. It is because of the simple reason that they are working and so cannot devote time towards their pet. It is important that you care about him like feeding him at proper intervals, taking him for a walk, cleaning and vaccinations, regular check ups etc.

    4. Effects On Family And Neighbors

    When a pet is brought home it make take sometime to adjust to the atmosphere. While their may be some who make noise thus causing disturbance to you and your neighbors. There are some who bark a lot and become a source of problem for the neighbors so it is essential that you bring a pet that is nice and well behaved.

    5. Source Of Fun For Kids

    Pets are very entertaining especially when small kids are there. …

  • Dog Food

    How to Make Sure Your Dog Has a Nutritious Diet

    Dog nutrition is a very important aspect of owning a dog. Its health will depend on the kind of diet it gets. It is no longer sufficient to just put a plate of leftovers in front of the dog and forget the rest. A dog requires a well-balanced meal to remain fit and healthy. Nobody likes a dull and lethargic animal. Just like people, when given the right diet, dogs will be healthier and happier. It is important to know the proper balance of essential nutrients in meat and vegetable products to reach this goal.

    Though there are many packaged dog foods available on the market, it is always preferable to prepare dog food at home. One can get an idea of the correct proportion of nutrients required, as well as the vitamins and supplements that need to be added. Just make a bag full of homemade dog food and add it to its daily meals. The best dog food ratio is 50% meat, 40% vegetables, and 10% carbohydrates. Dogs require protein and fat for growth and maintenance. If the dog is a working dog, it requires more proteins and carbohydrates as it burns more calories every day. Furthermore, a dog’s dietary requirements change with age.

    As a pup, the dog can be fed 3-4 small meals, but a full-grown dog should ideally be fed once a day or given two smaller meals a day. If the dog seems like a fussy eater, it may be so because it is already full. It is important to let the dog feel hungry and only then feed it, as overeating can lead to obesity. Pet owners may feel like they are depriving their dear pet of something, but they must always focus on their dogs’ health first. Moreover, when a dog is eating, one must not sit or stand nearby and watch it intently, since dogs tend to be possessive about their food and need their privacy and space too.

    If the dog is given packaged food, then it is the owner’s responsibility to make a careful choice of the food that is bought. The food companies label their foods as healthy and nutritious, but how much nutrition is actually there? Consider a dog food that claims it is full of meat or beef. One must always ask questions if such food items are available at very low prices. It …

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    Little Kids Need Big Dogs

    A good friend and her five-year-old son came to visit for the weekend not too long ago. Lilly, my seven pound, thirteen-year-old Maltese usually loves company. It means more people to rub her tummy and possibly give her a treat. The little boy was rambunctious. At first, he was afraid of Lilly. After she licked his hand, he was enamored with her. That is, until she started playing with one of his toys. Then, he was quite upset.

    Throughout the weekend, he kept trying to pick her up, grab her tail and generally torment her. Lilly would run away from him and look up at me to rescue her. I spent the entire weekend holding her as much as possible, worried that she would get hurt.

    Little kids and little dogs are not a good combination. Children don’t realize how easy it is to hurt a small animal. They are not aware of their strength.

    Small Children need a bigger dog with a good disposition. A dog they can’t hurt when they pull his tail or hug him too hard or even fall on him. Kids need a dog that can tolerate some rough housing.

    Following is a list of some larger dog breeds with great dispositions for families with small children:

    Golden Retrievers are one of the classic “family” breeds and known for being overly friendly, but not necessarily a good watchdog for that reason.

    Labrador Retrievers are the most popular dog breed in the world. Retrievers are well -known for their loyalty,

    Collies -Remember Lassie?

    Boxers-They may not look friendly but they are a breed with a good disposition and instinctively protective.

    Larger Schnauzers-A loyal breed that loves being around people

    Standard Poodles- Many dog experts consider poodles to be one of the smartest breeds. Poodles have the added advantage of not shedding and low dander, as do designer breeds such as Goldendoodles and Labradoodles that also make great family pets.

    Bulldogs- This is a very docile breed, also known for their loyalty.

    Portuguese Water Dogs- The “First Dog” in the Obama White House chosen for his non -shedding, low dander traits, as well as his amusing, affectionate nature.

    Gentle Giants such as Newfoundlands and Bernese Mountain dogs also make great family pets if you can handle the “Newfies” drooling. However, because of their size, these breeds are better in households with slightly older children of …