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    Top 10 Treats and Toys for Cats and Dogs

    There are literally loads of toys and treats available for your cats and dogs these days. In fact pampering your pets has never been easier. So let’s have a quick look at some of the most popular and perhaps some of the more quirky gift ideas for your pets.

    1. Ball – Probably the most obvious, most cost-effective (you don’t necessarily need to get one from a pet store) toy available. When you think of the ball, most people probably imagine throwing it to their dog that then scampers after it to either bring it dutifully back so you can throw it again or to simply fall on it where it lands and to start chewing it! However, cats sometime like to play with a ball too, a little smaller in size admittedly but a ball nonetheless.

    2. Rubber bones – It really doesn’t seem to matter that it isn’t a real bone; some dogs just love to chew these for hours on end.

    3. Toy Mice – Much better than waking up one morning to find several dead mice, semi-chewed on the living room carpet. Perhaps this toy benefits you more than the cat!

    4. Cat Climber – We know the cats love them, but we also get endless hours of fun watching the cats climb and tumble around their climber.

    5. Cat Scratcher – I suppose this is more of a treat than a toy and the idea is to save all your furniture from receiving the same “tearing to shreds” treatment!

    6. Dog Mints – Whoever thought of these was a genius! As good for the dogs system as it is for its doggy  a great idea.

    7. Dog Brush – For some dogs this can take some getting used to, but usually when they do they’ll be fetching the brush to you!

    8. Cat Flap – Certainly not a toy or even a treat but the freedom this provides for both the cat and the owner is invaluable.

    9. Throw and Fetch Dog Toys – It’s not just a ball that your dog will return and there are a number of specialist toys available.

    10. Litter Locker – This one is certainly not a toy but it has come to the rescue of many a cat owner. A cat litter disposal system that makes the whole experience more convenient and more hygienic.

    So, there …

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    A Few Guidelines to Remember When Bringing Pets For Your Kids

    All kids love pets and they want to make them a part of their family. But when thinking about bringing pets it is very necessary to keep certain things in mind. The parents are worried about the safety and also how to handle them. So in this article we will know some of the most important things to do while getting a pet for your kids.

    Things To Keep In Mind

    Here are a few things which must be paid attention to. These are explained below.

    1. The Type Of Pets For Kids

    The foremost thing to understand is the size of the pet. Start from buying till caring, you need to know about all the expenses. It is not at all easy to handle a small pet. Also if you have a small house you cannot afford to bring a big pet. Therefore one has to ponder over such matters. If suppose you go out on vacations then who will take the responsibility and care for the pet. So if you are bringing a pet you have to think of all the related issues.

    2. The Space Required

    It is a very important point because it all depends upon the size of the pet that you wish to get for your kids. If you don’t have enough space then you cannot bring a big pet. As the pets require space to accommodate them so you must get pets which can easily be adjusted in your family.

    3. Time For Your Pet

    Sometimes it is seen that some families do not have enough time to spend with their pets. It is because of the simple reason that they are working and so cannot devote time towards their pet. It is important that you care about him like feeding him at proper intervals, taking him for a walk, cleaning and vaccinations, regular check ups etc.

    4. Effects On Family And Neighbors

    When a pet is brought home it make take sometime to adjust to the atmosphere. While their may be some who make noise thus causing disturbance to you and your neighbors. There are some who bark a lot and become a source of problem for the neighbors so it is essential that you bring a pet that is nice and well behaved.

    5. Source Of Fun For Kids

    Pets are very entertaining especially when small kids are there. …