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    How to Make Sure Your Dog Has a Nutritious Diet

    Dog nutrition is a very important aspect of owning a dog. Its health will depend on the kind of diet it gets. It is no longer sufficient to just put a plate of leftovers in front of the dog and forget the rest. A dog requires a well-balanced meal to remain fit and healthy. Nobody likes a dull and lethargic animal. Just like people, when given the right diet, dogs will be healthier and happier. It is important to know the proper balance of essential nutrients in meat and vegetable products to reach this goal.

    Though there are many packaged dog foods available on the market, it is always preferable to prepare dog food at home. One can get an idea of the correct proportion of nutrients required, as well as the vitamins and supplements that need to be added. Just make a bag full of homemade dog food and add it to its daily meals. The best dog food ratio is 50% meat, 40% vegetables, and 10% carbohydrates. Dogs require protein and fat for growth and maintenance. If the dog is a working dog, it requires more proteins and carbohydrates as it burns more calories every day. Furthermore, a dog’s dietary requirements change with age.

    As a pup, the dog can be fed 3-4 small meals, but a full-grown dog should ideally be fed once a day or given two smaller meals a day. If the dog seems like a fussy eater, it may be so because it is already full. It is important to let the dog feel hungry and only then feed it, as overeating can lead to obesity. Pet owners may feel like they are depriving their dear pet of something, but they must always focus on their dogs’ health first. Moreover, when a dog is eating, one must not sit or stand nearby and watch it intently, since dogs tend to be possessive about their food and need their privacy and space too.

    If the dog is given packaged food, then it is the owner’s responsibility to make a careful choice of the food that is bought. The food companies label their foods as healthy and nutritious, but how much nutrition is actually there? Consider a dog food that claims it is full of meat or beef. One must always ask questions if such food items are available at very low prices. It …

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    Introducing a New Puppy to an Existing Household Pack

    After 30 plus years of having Poodles as pets and breeding a few litters, we recently obtained a new female for our little Poodle Pack. I kept thinking this was not so hard with Bogart; he had been introduced into the house with Jennifer and Eddie. I am the first to admit the integration of Bogart into the pack was made a lot easier by Jennifer, the past Lady of the pack. She took over as mother figure for Bogart, keeping him in line with hierarchy of the pack and showing him the ropes of being a good house dog. 

    Yes, you may be laughing at me for saying Jennifer was responsible for showing Bogart the ropes. I am here to tell you that I did not realize how much she influenced his training and assisted me in raising Bogart to adulthood. I think we did a great job with him. Jennifer is no longer with us, so I have to take on Clara Belle’s training duties on my own this time.

    So as Clara Belle (our newest addition) and I strike out on this learning process, we wanted to share our experience with everyone. We will break the issues down to Introduction to Pack and Feeding, Housebreaking and Leash Training over the next few articles.

    Prior to introducing the puppy, you need to set up a day area that is safe and open for the new puppy.

    Introduction to the Pack – I recommend bathing the new dog in the same shampoo as the rest of your pack. If bathing is not an option, then use a towel that has your scent on it and rub the new member down with it. I have found by doing this, the other dogs seem to be more accepting; the new member already has a similar scent.

    Keep the initial introduction short; the other dogs are not going to be pleased to be sharing your attention. After the initial introduction, let the pup explore its day pen and get accustomed to the house. This is a good time to show some special attention to the existing members.

    I usually wait about an hour or so then let the new pup out of the day pen to explore the house and check out the other members under close supervision. Let the other members growl or bark at the new puppy, just …